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Anonymous asked: "I messaged you on your DM blog and you said you would make gifs is someone asked but on here it says requests are closed. But if they aren't could you possibly make some Ashley Vallejo gifs. I need them for an rp. Thank you if you can possibly make them."

I’ll make them sometime this week but not until after tuesday because of my statistics exam.

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anzukwon asked: "Hi! We’re a new dance roleplay. We’d love for you to check us out, and possibly apply and give us a promo!"

apply everyone!

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Mia Riley Gifs

All of my gifs of SDDC dancer Mia Riley

Gif Count: 12

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posted 1 year ago
jenninewedge asked: "Thank you so much!"

No problemo. I’m also in the middle of making some gifs of Sophia’s new tap solo so keep on eye on her tag, they’ll be posted on my DM blog.

posted 1 year ago
jenninewedge asked: "Do you think you could post any Sophia gifs you have?"

I actually have quite a few Sophia gifs because I played her for a little while. I’ll try and upload them but since I have to do it one by one it takes a while so I’ll try but I get easily distracted.

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My Tessa Bella DeFries Gifs

all made by me

special request from a friend

Gif Count: 30


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posted 1 year ago
Anonymous asked: "Can you make more gifs of Maddie Ziegler? Maybe from the newest episodes?"

I’m going to stop taking any requests and stuff until my exams are over sadly. I finish my exams by June so over the summer I’ll make whatever you guys want.

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Anonymous asked: "never delete this account k i get all my gifs from here <3"

Sure! Just make sure to like the folders!

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bellafitch-campbell asked: "Hi I know request are closed, but I had seen on your to do list from months ago that you had said you would be doing a Troian Bellisario folder. I didn't know if you ever posted and I just can't find it. Thanks."

I didn’t ever do it, I got sidetracked and then forgot. I’ll try and remember and do it this week.

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alwaysaldc-rp-deactivated201303 asked: "Hey! We're a new ALDC roleplay with all of the original 7 girls open as well as all their moms:) We're currently accepting applications, and we'd love a little shoutout love if possible!"